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Our Names are Zach and Shea

If you are a previous KJM Window Cleaning customer, chances are you know Kirk.  After starting and then running the business for many years, Kirk and his wife moved to Colorado to be closer to family.  We (Shea and Zach) purchased the business from him, and after several weeks of training with Kirk, can guarantee the same quality service he provided throughout the years.  We have always enjoyed meeting and serving people, which is why we have worked in various service industries for a combined 30 years. We believe that a positive attitude and hard work can go a long way, so we carry this belief with us when meeting with all our customers. When we're not working, we enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors with our two children.   


KJM Window Cleaning-West

Our names are matt and danielle

We have worked in retail/customer service in the natural foods industry for a couple decades.  We have always been very passionate about customer service- the kind our Grandparents grew up with, and strive to provide that kind of service to all of our customers.  We have always dreamed of having our own business, so when we met Zach and Shea and were given the amazing opportunity to partner with them in establishing KJM Window Cleaning-West, we were so excited!  We love the business because we are able to help create beauty in people‚Äôs lives and maintain relationships with people in our community.  When we're not working, we love going on adventures with our four boys!